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Progressive Web Apps

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Progressive Web App Development

A Progressive Web App is a web-based app that users can access via their phone’s browser. A Progressive Web App is not the same as a responsive website. A responsive website is a website that automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading on. A Progressive Web App is a real app, but simply does not “live” on your phone.

At Webtouch, we are all about mobile and so we are always looking to stay ahead of the game when it comes to mobile advancements. One of the biggest emerging mobile technologies is Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s).

Read our Q & A below for more info on our Progressive Web Apps:

Q: What’s the difference between a native app and a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps could be a step forward from the native mobile app. PWA’s do not appear in the app stores, so do not require downloading…. You could arguably say that this in itself will drive a higher return on investment because of the reduced effort required to be viewable.

Q: What are the benefits of PWA’s?

There are any benefits to Progressive Web Apps. Firstly, as mentioned above they maximise the reach of your app. The PWA will work on almost every browser with commitments from all browsers to include support. Secondly, PWA’s are fully indexable meaning they can be found via web search engines improving your apps discoverability. Additionally, they have other benefits including increased performance with poor data connections, immediate software updates, and take up less space on a users devices.

Q: What’s the difference between a mobile website and a PWA?

In order for a mobile website to be considered a Progressive Web App, it needs to meet certain requirements. Our PWA software uses ‘Service Workers’ which brings; push notifications, improved speeds, instant software updates, home screen install support, offline caching, performance improvements along with many more advantages. These all meet PWA criteria.

Q: Do you need internet access to use a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps will work in areas of low connectivity and certain characteristics will be cached for accessibility offline. However, similar to our native applications, internet is necessary for dynamic content.

Q: How can users access my PWA?

There are several ways to share your PWA with users. One option is to redirect the business’ website to the PWA by adding a script to the header of your website’s home page. When users visit the site, they can easily bookmark the page and save it on their devices homescreen. PWA’s can be more accessible than a native app, as they do not require downloading from the app stores! The PWA link can also be converted into a scannable QR code, sent via email or added as a hyperlink.

Q: Are we going to have access to app Analytics?

Yes! Analytics for our Progressive Web Apps are available and viewable via your secure login CRM account within the Analytics section of your dashboard.

Q: Is my PWA secure?

In order to be a true PWA the URL is required to have an ssl certificate. This means your URL must start with https://

Currently we have a URL that anyone can use, with support coming shortly for our clients who wish to purchase their own certificate and use their subdomain URL.

Q: Why would a client want a PWA instead of an iOS app?

Could just be a preference thing! for one over the other, but, PWA’s are very user friendly and quicker to launch and adopt. Progressive Mobile Apps give you the same experience as iOS and Android mobile apps but without the added download from the store effort for your customer.

Although, one of the biggest benefits is increased discoverability. While apps can be easily lost in the hustle and bustle of the iTunes and Google Play app stores, PWA apps can be found via web search engines.

Additionally, PWA’s are linkable/shareable, have low data requirements, improve SEO and do not require updates.

Check out our Push Notifications to see how easy you can keep in-touch with customers via your Progressive Web App.

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