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Push notifications are great for keeping users informed with timely and relevant content, whether their app is running in the background or inactive. At the push of a button businesses can send messages to their customers that will be instantly received as a pop up on their mobile phones screen. This in itself is a fabulous advanced communication tool.

With our push notes you can send textual messages that can be linked to a tab within your app, your website page or any url of your choice. This means that once your customer has received the message on their screen they are taken to the destination that you have set. Or why not give your message increased impact and send a graphical push note branded to your business. Great if you have a ‘Sale’ or ‘Offer’ that you wish to advertise. We have many templates you can use to get you started or you can build your own custom one from scratch.

As well as sending that urgent message which needs to be received instantly, you can via the Webtouch CMS Platform write and build your push notes and schedule them to be sent on any date and time that you wish. So if you wish to set up all your messages on an evening for the next day you can do just that. We like to make stuff easy….

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Webtouch have upgraded to ‘Segmented Push Notifications’ for it’s customers.

This is a major advancement, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You can now target your push notes using Segmented Push Notifications, these messages are only delivered to client groups dependant on the users preferences. For example within a school app, say that you are sending a message that applies only to children in year 4 that plays football, then it will only be the parents of those children that will be really interested in receiving this push note message …. Now you can from your own database send your push note to just that particular client group. You can at the send stage send to other groups or the whole school if you wish, but the important factor is you have the ability to make that choice. As do the users, as they can also within the app interface choose which push notification group/s they would like to receive.

Segmented Push Notifications greatly improve customer retention, engagement and experience.

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