Loyalty Programs

Rewarding your Customers

A little extra attention by offering a Loyalty Program can keep your customers coming back for more. It’s good to invest in your customers.

Retention efforts don’t have to start huge. Within our apps you can offer discounts and packages, establish reward programs, and seek out customer feedback. But more importantly, you can drive repeat business and customer engagement. After all, a client saved is a client earned.

Here are some of the Loyalty Programs within our apps you can offer your customers:

  • Loyalty Card Feature – Users just hand their phones over and you type in your secret code to add a point to their card.
  • GPS Coupon Feature – Build your repeat customer base by trading check-ins for discounts. With our GPS coupon feature, users can accumulate points and unlock deals each time they return.
  • QR Coupon Feature – Create a coupon to use through our scannable QR feature. Post a QR code at your business location to ramp up foot traffic, or on your business card, adverts etc., to get people to your premises.

It is very easy to lose touch with your customers and for your business to lose clients if you do not nurture this relationship. Even further, when you ignore the importance of retaining your existing customers, you’re not just losing out on potential revenue from this customer but—you are handing off leads to the competition who isn’t ignoring them.

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