Push Notifications

Are the Key to App Success!!

Push Notifications and….
Why they can be the key to App Success!!

Give me just 5 minutes and I will tell you how you can make push notifications work for your business.

Push notifications are one of the must have app features, and the feature that when we demo our apps gets our customers the most excited!! The incredible ability to send messages that are received instantly as a pop up on a customers mobile phone gives the most potential for a very fast return on your investment.

This form of marketing is great for keeping customers informed with timely and relevant content, that will be received even when their app is running in the background or is inactive. With our advanced geo-fencing push notifications you can localise your message so that when one of your app users enters or exits a geo-fenced area, a targeted push notification is sent directly to their device, this is great for customer engagement!! Users hear about offers or announcements when they’re in the area and able to act on them.

Many businesses use geo-fencing to just simply send special offers to customers, these are received when they walk or drive near a business’s location, which in itself is awesome. But there is plenty of opportunity for creativity beyond that. For example, an estate agent could send push notifications to possible buyers as they come near to show houses, musical bands could send messages to fans as they walk past or are near a venue where they are going to be playing.

Coffee shops, now they are a brilliant example, with so many people drinking coffee and with competition around every corner these businesses could trigger geo-fenced push notifications to users so when they are within a given radius of their premises and in need of some early morning or late afternoon caffeine, up pops your message. Great potential here too, for enticing people to visit your business instead of a competitors. A wedding planner could set up a geo-fenced push notification around bridal stores and bakeries, offering helpful shopping tips or highlighting the best deals for users. Retail stores could alert users to deals when they are within walking distance of their store or are at the local car park or bus station.

By now I think you are probably getting the idea!! and realising that the possibilities are truly endless. If you are willing to be a little creative, geo-fencing can serve as a phenomenal sales and customer retention tool for any business. Is your entrepreneurial mind already thinking through many ideas on how this technology could help your business and how you could beat the competition in your local area? Hopefully so….

However do not think of geo-fencing though as just another way to sell to your audience. But instead, as an organic way to connect and add value. You would not want to bombard your customers with messages trying to constantly boost sales, but if they pop up every now and then with something timely, relevant, and useful, it can be kind of neat and would be warmly welcomed. We advise you to think of your audience as if it was yourself. Your goal should be to leverage geo-fencing to improve your customers’ experiences and to provide them with benefits. If you do that, while also driving traffic to your location and activity on your promotions, then all the better.

For Information: Webtouch offer FREE unlimited Advanced Push Notifications with all their Apps.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications and why they can be the Key to App Success

Webtouch develop, build and publish to the relevant app store engaging mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. All our apps include unlimited geo-fencing notifications  and are available for around £2,000.

Give us a call for more information on:
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