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Mobile Apps for Businesses

Mobile Apps for Businesses …

  • One in three of us who want to make a purchase or use a service will use a mobile phone to browse the internet before any other search method. Making mobile apps for businesses a real deciding purchasing factor.
  • Whether in their pocket or bag mobile phones are constantly with it’s user, and will be accessed and viewed many times through-out the day.

If you want to attract more customers, you need more than a simple mobile-enabled website. You need a dedicated app—something that is there as soon as a consumer looks at their screen and is accessed with just one touch of your business icon.

Mobile Apps for Businesses

Cost has been a factor for businesses that wanted an app developed, but here at Webtouch Ltd we have addressed and solved this problem. Instead of having to pay £5000 – £10,000 for a modest mobile app. We will develop, build and publish to relevant app store an amazing iPhone and Android App for companies for less than £2,000. This price includes hosting for the first 12 months.

The low cost of Webtouch App development means businesses can offer their apps for free download. Without burning a hole in their operating/marketing budgets. Mobile Apps for Businesses can also provide value-added extras that websites often can not. Like our immediate advanced geo-fencing location driven push notifications.

What are the benefits…

Mobile apps for businesses make it easier and quicker for existing and potential customers to use an online store. Businesses can send notifications of the latest offers and monitor buying behaviour. Then adjust their marketing strategy to suit. 20% of businesses currently use their app for branding purposes. While 30% use it primarily for revenue creation. Half of businesses also use their app to provide some sort of support or customer engagement. App development can cover all three fundamental purposes. Dependant on your individual requirements.

  • You do increase customer retention by providing a more personal service.
  • Mobile Apps elicit more frequent purchases than mobile websites, leading to much greater profit.
  • Mobile Apps are designed to complement mobile websites, not compete with them. You can accommodate all your customers, whilst attracting new ones.
  • Mobile Apps are the value-added extra that sets your business apart from the competition.

The mobile website vs mobile app debate is over.

Due to our mobile apps for businesses being very affordable, Webtouch can project you ahead of the game. Customers are beginning to spend more time on apps. As their trust in the technology grows. Yes, there will be customers who prefer to use a standard website. But there are more and more who want the personalised experience that an app, if properly developed, can provide.

That doesn’t mean websites have had their day—at least not quite yet. But of course, everyone needs to be looking ahead to the future. This year businesses with a forward-thinking approach will be the ones that will survive into the next decade.

Additionally, Google is now beginning to index mobile apps for businesses. Inserting them into search results. That includes app-only content.

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