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In-App Coupons and Deals…

The printed coupon achieves their basic purpose—bringing in customers. For many, many years businesses have been putting them to work, with the core function being to get one more person through the door.

In-App Coupons and deals can work so much better for small businesses….

Printed paper coupons have proven to be good revenue-generators, but now with the explosion of mobile and the iPhone and Android App they are capable of running business marketing campaigns.

With in-app coupons and deals built directly within a mobile app along side a “Share” button can bring businesses endless opportunities. Coupons become a product with a much bigger goal: visibility. Businesses can utilise coupons on a much larger scope by offering incentives to customers for sharing….

How to get customers to share your In-App Coupons and deals….

Offer a redemption deal to a customer when they get a friend(s) to purchase the same product or service. This incentive shares very well, after the first customer, their friends come on board, and then their friends’ friends, until a whole little army of redemption warriors are all sharing till their fingers cramp.

The beauty of this trickle effect is that it encourages consumers to target receptive friends who are more likely to take advantage, essentially taking you out of the equation and putting the marketing power in the hands of your (paying) customers.

Let us give you an example:
If your business has an app and decides to offer an exclusive, in-app coupon to users who get 3 other friends to download. Compare the results to what you would get from a standard coupon.

in-app coupons and dealsStandard Coupon:

  • Reward and please my existing customer.
  • Earn profits from them redeeming.
  • And, sure, reap the benefits of a happy customer, like word-of-mouth.


  • Reward my existing customer.
  • Earn profits from them redeeming.
  • Gain 3 potential new customers.
  • If they accept, reward my 3 new customers.
  • Earn profits from 3 new customers redeeming.
  • Gain 9 potential new customers when those 3 share.
  • You get it. It’s more like numbers 7-100.
  • There are endless way to do it, but it all comes down to one purpose, and that purpose is no longer the profit; it’s the profit times infinity.

Have you ever heard of a marketing team that pays you to work for you?

Webtouch Apps can build in-app Coupons and Deals into your company’s mobile app as standard. That will allow your customers to reap great rewards and with a one touch ‘share’ button to help spread the word and deal to many, many others.

But instead of having to pay £5000 – £10,000 for a mobile app. We will develop, build and publish to relevant app store an amazing iPhone and Android App for less than £2,000. This price includes hosting and access to an easy to use customer management system so you can update your app for yourselves for the first 12 months.

That gives all our customers a very fast ROI.

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in-app coupons and deals


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