Mobilise your Business

In 4 Easy Steps

Mobilise your Business in 4 Easy Steps

Here is a question: “How often do you pick up your smartphone throughout the day? When you wake up; when you’re waiting for the shower to get warm; when you’re standing in line for coffee; when you get a push note?” The point is society today lives in an alternate world, an iWorld. Where information is readily available at a touch of a button.

Each and every business needs to be mobile ready, especially small businesses to stay relevant in the iWorld. We’ll cover a handful of tips to help get any (small) business mobile. Lets start to Mobilise your business….

1) Put Your Website to the Mobile Test
This isn’t a recommendation, it’s requirement: your website must be mobile-friendly. If you are unsure about this, it’s easy to check. Simply open up the site on any desktop or laptop, then hover the cursor over the bottom right part of the site while dragging to a small view. If the text and images resize, you’re golden, if not, it’s time for change. This is crucial for customising your website or implementing any mobile SEO practices as needed.

2) Get Your Mobile Ad(d) On
Having a mobile ad program for your small business is another must. Why? Simply because not everyone who is using their mobile devices is looking directly for your product or service. Mobile ads draw in those customers in your area. Let’s say you own a coffee shop, mobile ads will bring in those customers who search for “coffee shops” while in your area.

Mobilise Your Business

Geo-fencing, targets your chosen audience…

To really set your business apart, a great marketing plan is to utilise a mobile app. This will help your mobile marketing with direct features like push notifications, geo-fencing, links to social media, and many more native app options.


3) Mobilise Your Customers
When creating the mobile presence for your business, put yourself in their position. Do (mobile) research on other similar businesses in your area. Find out what draws a customer to your business the first time, as well as what keeps them coming back for more. As noted earlier, your customers are always on their phones — take advantage. A mobile app coupled with a mobile website is great way to build customer retention on top of customer loyalty. This allows for your customers to navigate as smoothly as possible through your mobile business.


4) Be Responsive, Think Native
Responsive web design is great for initially bringing in potential clients. When someone opens up a web browser on their mobile device for a search, your responsive design will allow for your company to be found. A native mobile app will push them to come back for more. Responsive design is the initial step into iWorld, it’s how I find the nearest and best cup of coffee in a new town. But their customer loyalty program is what keeps me coming back again and again.

It is a fact that a native app drives customer retention and exploits the customers waiting to be marketed to. When I’m standing in line waiting for my morning coffee, a quick reminder that in just two more coffee’s I’ll earn a free cuppa is a sure method of getting me to come back for more.

Do take advantage of the iWorld we have created and make sure your business is along for the ride. Users are waiting to be sold to, they are holding the mobile marketing in their hands on a daily basis. Go ahead, send that push note, allow for customers to continue engaging with your business because there’s a good chance they’re already on their phone waiting to be connected.

Webtouch are here to help you to mobilise your business. We will develop, build and publish to relevant app store an amazing iPhone and Android App for your business for less than £2,000. This price includes hosting, unlimited downloads, unlimited push notifications and access to an easy to use customer management system so you can update information in your app for yourselves as well as check your apps analytics for the first 12 months. Check out our honest and affordable Prices for Apps and Websites.

We give all our customers a very fast ROI on every service we offer.

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