How to create the

Best 'About Us' page

How to Create the best ‘About Us’ page

How to create the best ‘About Us’ page for your mobile app and website.

Lets be truthful, we can all find writing about ourselves sometimes difficult. It is not easy trying to say how great we are, so it’s no surprise that many businesses hate writing their ‘About Us’ page in their mobile app and on their business website. The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most frequented on any website and the information you put on that page is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important to find the perfect balance between selling your brand without being too self-centred; you need a focused, confident approach that will sell the customer on you without venturing into desperation.

Below are a few solid tips we have put together to help spruce up your ‘About Us’ page to help draw in and retain customers.

Focus on the audience

Your customers are mainly concerned with their needs and what your brand can do to address those needs, not necessarily on how you got started or where you’re from. That’s why you need to have a customer-oriented page that talks about the challenges your audience faces. Acknowledge the reason they are visiting your app and website site and talk about how and why you’ll meet each and every one of their needs.

Let the customers talk for you

Utilise testimonials (remember to use names/pictures) as this is an easy, great way to give your brand credibility. Be sure to mention awards or accreditations that your business or staff have received. Ask the reader if they would like to leave a comment or request any further information.

Use different forms of media

Customers like to see things that please the eye. This is why you should have clean graphics, videos, info graphics and more to keep the customer entertained and their experience visually pleasant. The longer you capture their attention, the better the chance of success.

Tell a story

We all love a good story. Focus on the things that make you normal/relatable, as well as the things that make you special. Don’t forget to include lots of photos! Customers like being able to put a face to a name, especially if their only interaction with you is by phone or email.

Make sure they know how to contact you

Your customers need a way to contact you. Providing a phone number and email where they can reach you is a must. Always make sure your info is up to date and include things like social media information so they can interact with you in as many ways as possible.

Don’t use jargon

Using a few technical terms here and there is fine but don’t get bogged down using confusing terms. Writing simply and conversationally is we have found the best way to go. Confused customers are not happy customers and are much less likely to return to the site, let alone become a loyal user.

Make sure the page reflects your company

Maintain a consistent look and theme as the rest of your app and website. Keep every thing simple and easy to understand and relate too.

'About Us' page

How to create the best ‘About Us’ page

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