Google going 'Mobile Friendly First'

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Google Going Mobile Friendly First!!

Your ‘To Do List’

Mobile Friendly website

Let’s all acknowledge who the master(s) are here:
1) Google, they rule the roost when it comes to search engines and search traffic
2) People, we now browse the internet more on mobile devices than desktops, and 30% of online purchases are now made on phones.

Hence why, market-leader Google are adjusting the way they work to account for mobile use, and your business and website needs to do the same.

What Google is changing:

Google has begun testing ‘mobile-first indexing’: Indexing is essentially Google finding and understanding what pages are about and how popular they are, and every decision that Google makes on what sites to return in searches is pretty much based upon this index.

Indexation for mobile searches has traditionally been done based upon the desktop version of your website. Soon, however, mobile indexation will instead be based upon the mobile version of your site and the ranking signals of that version, with the desktop version only referred to as a backup if no mobile version exists.

A mobile-based index clearly makes sense for mobile-based searches!

To do list:
1. Be mobile-friendly

If you want your site to be discovered and used on mobile, it simply must be fully usable on mobile phone browsers. While the mobile-first version of Google’s index will refer to a desktop site as a backup if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you won’t get the same luxury from your website users: if a user can’t use your site on their mobile they’re not going to search out the nearest desktop computer!

Google also provides a search ranking ‘boost’ to sites that it deems ‘mobile friendly’, making it a no-brainer for your business from both a user and an SEO perspective.

What’s the best way of becoming mobile-friendly?

mobile friendly

There are three main ways to develop a mobile-friendly website:

1) Have a desktop site and a separate mobile site (e.g.

2) A single ‘responsive’ site that resizes the same content based upon the screen size of the device being used

3) A native iPhone and Android App with Html5 website for other phone devices.

How do I test to see if my site is mobile friendly?

Just enter your website address into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test and it will tell you if you pass the mobile-friendly benchmark. It will also highlight any major issues stopping you from being mobile-friendly if you fall short.


2. Design for mobile

Design your website from a mobile-first perspective, not desktop first. You might hire a designer or choose a website template based upon a full desktop design, but if that’s not how a vast proportion of users see your site then why are you focusing on it?

Start with a mobile layout and a mobile design, and build alternative designs with greater complexity based upon that. Then you can be sure your website looks great on all devices!

3. Write for mobile

Mobile users see a smaller area when they view a website, and thus see less text. As such your opportunity to ‘grab’ a visitor with your sales copy is limited, and you need to be communicating what you do and why you’re the best choice for them as concisely and captivatingly as possible. This should apply to all your content and copy, from your homepage to your product pages, and include your titles and meta data.

4. Be mobile optimised

Don’t stop at just being mobile friendly: aim for fully mobile optimised!

Look at things like mobile font sizes, screen and button sizing for finger-tapping, plugins and blocked scripts. It’s important not to block things like JavaScript on mobile: now it’s a mobile-first index Google doesn’t want you to block from it!

Webtouch design mobile friendly websites and develop iPhone and Android native apps. Our team will be happy to help and to advise you further on how to make your business mobile friendly. Just go our website Contact us page and reach out to us in which ever method suits you best.

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