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Project Overview

Rotrex Winches part of the Rotrex Group are the UK’s leading winch hire, sales, servicing and support organisation. They also have the largest winch range within Europe. Based in Alfreton Derby they have 3 further branches in Essex, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Rotrex Winches requested a Mobile iPhone and Android App from Webtouch as they wanted to be able to contact customers quickly and easily with any new or second hand winches that became available for sale. The Webtouch unlimited geo-fencing push notifications fulfilled this requirement exactly. They are now able to advertise directly to their download users the instant a winch becomes available. With the added benefit of popping up as a message on users mobile phones in a very targeted location area, enables them to sell many more winches in a much faster time.

The development of the Rotrex Winches App was completed within a month and was published both to the Apple Store and Google Play and is ready for free download.

Download Rotrex Winches App – iPhone App       Android App  today!!

Check out the app for yourself.

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